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October 1972 · Vol. 1 No. 4 · p. 133 

Book Review

The Sons of Adam

Omar Eby. Scottdale, PA: Herald, 1970. 184 pages.

Reviewed by Vern Ratzlaff

Eby, a former teacher in Somalia, presents verbal kaleidoscopes of the life of the church in a country he loves very much. Eight short stories deal with the work of the missionary, with their approaches and fumblings and compassion; deal with the life of the people, with the total gamut of national, economic and social pressures which form the backdrop for the reconciliation of the gospel. For example, in “The Word Became Flesh,” Eliamu finds that reconciliation extends beyond tribal conflicts to familial relationships.

Vern Ratzlaff
Mennonite Brethren Bible College, Winnipeg, Manitoba

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